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DigitalKosher makes the kosher certification process paperless, efficient and secure. If you sell kosher certified products,
you can use DigitalKosher.

Ingredients (what you buy) Products (what you sell)
  Submit Ingredients online, without any paper, using a PDF file or the K-ID
  View Submittal results online.
  Automatically renew certification letters
  View Your Raw Materials List
  Acquire Kosher Certification letters from Vendors
  Find Alternative Suppliers
  View Your Product List
  View real-time evaluation status of your products
  View, Download and E-mail Your Kosher Certification Letters
  Export your product list to excel.

DigitalKosher creates a seamless digital link that allows for secure real time, anywhere, anytime access to all the key players in the kosher certification process.

DigitalKosher is your one stop kosher management site!

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