The K-ID

The K-ID is a digital Kosher Certification Letter. It is the core of what makes a paperless certification process possible.

What does it do?

The K-ID allows you to transmit a Kosher Certification Letter to your customers, certification agencies, or anyone else with a simple ID, eliminating the need to transmit paper. The recipients of the K-ID are automatically notified of changes and updates to the Kosher Certification Letter it represents.

How does it work?

Every ingredient that has been certified kosher has, or can have, a seven letter K-ID assigned to it that represents the publicly available kosher information about it. Therefore, the K-ID is analogous to a social security number for an ingredient.  Meaning, if you know the K-ID for an ingredient, you can obtain all the publicly available kosher information about that ingredient.

How do I get one?

Agencies which use KCert to manage their kosher certification information are automatically given K-IDs for all of the products they certify. This information is printed on the Kosher Certification Letter, as well as on your product list which you can see at DigitalKosher.

How Is It Secure?

The K-ID identifier is randomly generated by the Kosher ID system and has no discernable pattern. Therefore, it can not be predicted or guessed by anyone. In addition, the code can only be provided to a customer by the supplying company of the certified product, and the only information made available by the K-ID is what is already publicly available on a Kosher Certification Letter. Thus, there is no risk involved because no proprietary information is released. Rather, it is a safe and revolutionary technology that will dramatically reduce the time it takes to process and approve certification forms.

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